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Computers are a huge asset to the small business owner.

The right software or equipment can create a more efficient operation which in turn allows more time for things like marketing or just spending time with your customers. The team at Woodard's Computing Services is excited that we help small businesses every day which in turn helps our community as a whole.

The following is a list of resources that the WCS team has collected over the years to further assist you with your computer system.


The Plight of Small Business

Many small businesses around the country are experiencing down times. Check out MSNBC's small business section for helpful information on how to survive.

Small Business Assistance

Entrepreneur.com has an infinite amount of resources to help the small business. Read articles about topics from marketing online to preparing your taxes.


Going Green

Many entrepreneurs are taking the "Green Thing" into their own hands. With the future of our earth on everyone's minds many people are creating new, better and environmentally friend-lier gadgets. Check out "11 Great Green Ideas" from CNNMoney.

Hardware Recycling

An economically conscience way to get rid of old hardware is to bring it to a hardware recycling company. Woodard's Computing gives its old parts to Bryant Industries in Danville, Il. They are located at 1406 Warrington Avenue in Danville. For more information call 217-431-0551.

Tips from our Team

Internet Speed Break-Down

If we equate speed on the internet to be equal to miles per hour, this is how things break down.

  • Dial Up Modem - On a good day the fastest speed you would get is 56k or 56 mph.
  • Business T1 Circuit - This is a solid connection and is 1.5 Megabit or 1500 mph.
  • DSL Internet - Ranges from 256k up to 6,000k or between 256mph and 6,000mph. DSL also has a distance limitation of about 16,000 feet. This is why most small towns don't offer this service and why larger towns don't always have this service everywhere.
  • Cable Internet - The speeds of this service currently range from about 1.5 megabit to 20 megabit. In miles per hour this far exceeds any of its competitors with 1,500mph to 20,000mph.

Despite these obvious differences in the speed of connection, other factors might also weigh on the speed of your internet service. The speed of your internet is based upon how fast the information gets from your home to the server at their offices. It then has to travel to the website you are visiting and service providers do not have any control over that journey.

Going Green with your Computer

Many times we are asked by customers if computers should be shut off every day. If you have also asked this question first decide why you are concerned about it in the first place. If you are concerned because your computer might get hit by lightning if it is on during a storm you might be surprised to find out that it doesn't matter if your computer is on or off when lightning strikes. Your computer can still get damaged even if you are using a surge protector.

If you are concerned about turning your computer off because you want to cut down on energy use that is a different story. Of course turning your computer off at the end of the day is always a good thing but please don't get in the habit of turning your computer off while taking a break or going to lunch. Doing this will wear down the power supply. Leaving your computer on all day will keep the computer running at its optimum temperature.

At least once a week you should get in the habit of keeping your laptop on until the battery has completely drained. This will ensure that the battery is running at its peak.

If you have questions about any of the tips please give us a ring.


Fire in the Valley - A great book that talks about the history of the personal computer. Check it out on Amazon.com.


How to check the speed of your internet service.

Many people are not getting the speed they are paying for. Check the speed of your internet service by visiting the site below and clicking on the server that is closest to your location. The site will then test both your download and upload speeds. After the test is complete you can click on "Speed Test Result" under "More Information".


And of course, if you have further questions or would like to know how to boost your internet connection speed the team at WCS is always here to help.


Downloads coming soon.


Woodard's Computing Services offers one-on-one and group training sessions for the home user or small business. Contact Richard Woodard for more information.